Monday, August 22, 2011

Rose Anne's DYOB #3 - for Margreet

YEAH it is FINISHED!!!  And will be mailed off Monday to Margreet!  OK I've got the LADDERFLANELSTEEK, Basque, Tulip, and finally the Cast On Stitches along with some of my favourite ones:  Feather, Daisy, Chain with Stem, and finally the Cretan Stitches, some with beads too.

Whole Block
Naturally I've included my simple Allison's Edging top right, some of my purchased laces and Bullion knots for a rose (bottom left) and paisley shape above the rose filled in with beads.  And finished off with a brass butterfly over the pansies along with my crocheted heart attached with pearl beads. 
Bottom Left

Top Left

Top Right

Bottom Right

OK this is all the pics!  Now hope there's a bit of a break before the next DYOB starts as I've no time to stitch up my blocks and as yet have to finish off my own heart block some day!