Thursday, March 17, 2011

.Block 3 has stranded-cotton base, threaded with knitted gold thread. Lower row is done with variegated stranded thread (not DMC) and a Japanese cotton in lime green. Two rows of couched fine gold cord.
Block 2. has 6 strands of DMC orange stranded thread with a knitted variegated floss.
Swap block
Threads used are 6 strands of green DMC rayon and 6 strands of variegated DMC stranded cotton. SRE silk Fargo roses

My block. There are two rows of Threaded Arrowstitch. I used a light twist cotton for the top, row and Edmar Nova for the smaller row with a variegated cotton for threading both. There is a row below of Palestrina and another of detached buttonhole. LOL it is upside down.

This my practise block. I used a cotton thread that has not much twist and lay 2 rows, then threaded them together, as one, with chiffon?? ribbon.
My camera batteries were flat so I used the scanner and the colours are not right.

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