Sunday, March 7, 2010


I used a variegated perle thread for my first attempt at Diamond stitch and then a thread like aBroder for the square. I need more practise for a nicer square.
The deep blue is a 6 stranded cotton and I experimented with shrinking and stretching the stitch.
I found adding beads was fun and they sat nicely. I'd do this again.
Ah, the fawn one.. I wanted to see what would happen with the stitch closed. Even with a death grip on the horizontal thread it refused to stay tight, so some are loose while others have pulled in the sides. Still I got to move the centre knot as I wanted.
Lastly I tried to make 'something' and did this iris. 5 ply perle for leaves and lilac centres. 2 strands of yellow silk thread and thick knitting cotton Buttonhole edging.


  1. Maureen, soooo lovely!!! I can see I need to experiment more.