Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gayle's DYOB blocks

The first picture will be the block for me to keep. I wanted to try the "confetti" method of piecing that I learned on another group. I'm not sure I like it, and probably won't use it again, but I think it will be great for this. Lots of short seams and small spaces, so I can practice my ideas before I put the stitches on my swap piece. Kind of a sampler. I made it rectangular to fit in one of those frames that I keep buying at yard sales and never seem to use. If I eventually put it on the wall in my sewing room maybe I'll use these stitches again someday.

The second picture is my swap block. The card in his hand says, "My Heart is Thine". I really like peach and green. Hope the person who gets this feels the same way. ;-)

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