Saturday, January 23, 2010


Do Your Own Block Feb/March 2010

Your host and stitch caller for this round is Toni.

For this challenge/project you will be making a 20 cm (8") square block to be swapped at the end of 6 weeks, this block will include a heart to continue our chain, it can be a button, charm, appliqued or embroidered, it will be your choice so make sure you leave room. You can if you want also make blocks for yourself in whatever size you want. Regardless of what size you make your own blocks the Swap block must be 20 cm (8").

We suggest you make your block 5 cm (2") larger then the finished size then tack around the block at what will be the seam line so you do not embellish over it. This also allows for any distortion of the finished square.

Every week for a period of 6 weeks you will be sent instructions for a seam treatment, maybe 2 stitches even a motif, sometimes it will be a stitch you have never done, one you may not like, but the object of this project is to explore the different possibilities, to get us out of stitch ruts, to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones.

You can place a picture of your block in the folder that will be provided for you along with a description of what you have done each week. Others can leave comments. We also have our own DYOB blog, for that you will need to give me your preferred blogging e-mail for entry into it, (You don't have to have a blog to register with Blogger). Please add your stitches to the blog so we can all see and comment on them. You can also enter your stitches in the Photo files. All older DYOB entries are in a folder on the last page.

To start the ball rolling fill in the database and get your blocks made.

The stitches will be sent out on Feb. 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, March 1st and 8th. By the 8th I will need to know you are definitely in the swap, there is no pulling out after the 8th and except for special circumstances there will be no extension of time so if you want in and are falling behind I suggest you use the 1st March as your catch up day.

By March 17th you will know who you are sending your block to and by March 24th I hope to see a picture of your finished blocks so I can "sew up" the Cyber quilt.

Please mark these dates on your calendar.

Most of the stitches will be coming from "Sharon's stitch dictionary" but we are also getting quite a good reference of our own on our Blog so you shouldn't be short of ideas.

Have fun I hope many of you participate. You do not have to of swapped hearts to be in this challenge/project.

List Mum

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