Monday, October 26, 2009

Rosemarys block

Finished Block going to Hideko

Back stitch. I haven't done this one for ages, thank you Maureen for reminding me of it.

Had to fill the corner, I've used chain, french knots and Couching

Bullions and french knots on featherstitch.

Crossed buttonhole, the stitch that had me stumped for ages, then once I 'got' it I just couldn't understand why I was so dense with it, its really a very relaxing stitch to do.

Bullion roses and Whipped Back stitch

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maureen's swap block

This one is much quieter in colour.

Maureen's DYOB 3

I am not sure if this should be called a carnival of colour or just Wild-thing.
Don't worry it's not my swap block. LOL

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

LAST DYOB stitch, catch up time.

Hi Girls.

Its time to catch up. I hope these are the right stitches. I got a
message from Maureen to send them to you but cant find her original
mail with the ones you were doing, but she did say they were easy ones
this week.

We need to know who is definitely in the swap as we need your names
for Norma to draw.


Two versions Double Herringbone

On the 20th October you will receive your Swap Partner name and the
27th October is mail out day

    Last weeks stitches that again I forgot to put on here for 10th October

    Threaded Arrow stitch


    happy stitching,

    Rosemary and Maureen

    Hideko's finished block

    Hideko's finished block for swap.

    Couching stitch.

    A double herringbone stitch.

    Another double herringbone stitch redone.

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    Hideko's Stitches

    My Swap block at this moment

    Threaded Arrow stitch

    Back whipped, Bullion, French knots stitch

    Palestrina, French knots stitch

    Feather, Palestrina stitch

    Reversed Fly stitch

    Crossed Buttonhole stitch

    Back whipped, Algerian Eye stitch

    Back stitch

    Stitches on my own block.
    Crossed buttonhole and Palestrina.

    Palestrina stitches

    DYOB 3

    Ribbon couched with Lazy daisies and French Knots.
    Threaded Arrowstitch with Lazy daisies and FKs
    detached Reversed Fly stitches

    Flower motif couched with more Lazy daisies and FKs.
    (I really do know other stitches)

    DYOB 3

    Bullions and French knots. Bullions used to couch a flower motif


    Friday, October 9, 2009

    Sunday, October 4, 2009

    Ritva's stitiches

    4th weeks stitches

    This week's stitches are

    3rd October


    French knots

    most of you will know how to do bullions and for those who do not here is
    a link to Mary Corbet's video.

    Now while I watched it, I did not have the sound on so I am not sure if
    Mary suggested letting the thread dangle to remove the twist in the helps.
    Another suggestion if the thread twists is to give it a few reverse twists
    before pulling through the thread. (try on a spare cloth first).

    Mary has great tutes on various stitches - check them out too.

    Here is the direct link.

    just scroll down a little way - it is not the first video on the page.

    For Mary's web site and more stitch help

    happy stitching,

    I'm sorry I didn't get these out last week as storms put our power out for 2 days and then I forgot about them.

    26th September

    Two versions of Reversed Fly stitch


    Margreet 's Bullion Roses

    Friday, October 2, 2009