Monday, July 20, 2009

Maureen's stitches

This is my favourite. Apart from the variegated thread (unknown) I used only DMC in either 6 or 3 strands. I prefer Berwick to buttonhole for the grass.
I made a chain line with perle 8, then with one thread and two needles, laced the chains and added flowers and leaves with more detached chains.
The buttonhole Picot was easier for me to do from left to right, which the opposite way to the instructions. Quite easy to do. I got the directions in a book by Mildred Graves Ryan - it's filled with all types of needlework and bought for 50c by my DD.
The Twisted detached Chain is done in Edmar Nova.
Detached chains have been added to the fan.

Berwick and Detached chains. This is a version of Sharon's from her 100 Details in 100 days. I used Madeira green thread and a coral perle that Helina had sent to me.

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