Saturday, July 25, 2009

Faye's Buttonhole & Detached Chain

Here's my first two stitches.

Detached Twisted Chain, also Buttonhole Circles...

Here's my Detached Twisted Chain Stitch...
Now to get on with last weeks and then next weeks...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Maureen's stitches

This is my favourite. Apart from the variegated thread (unknown) I used only DMC in either 6 or 3 strands. I prefer Berwick to buttonhole for the grass.
I made a chain line with perle 8, then with one thread and two needles, laced the chains and added flowers and leaves with more detached chains.
The buttonhole Picot was easier for me to do from left to right, which the opposite way to the instructions. Quite easy to do. I got the directions in a book by Mildred Graves Ryan - it's filled with all types of needlework and bought for 50c by my DD.
The Twisted detached Chain is done in Edmar Nova.
Detached chains have been added to the fan.

Berwick and Detached chains. This is a version of Sharon's from her 100 Details in 100 days. I used Madeira green thread and a coral perle that Helina had sent to me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Carol's Block

I have already done the first stitch which is up and down slanted buttonhole stitch.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Buttonhole stitches

My buttonhole stitches, on the left is for swapping the other is mine.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Maureens stitches

Here are my examples of Buttonhole stitches.
My block has Feather with Detached buttonhole and also Rosette with Berwick below the seam.

On the fan I have done a slanted Barb stitch.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Naked Blocks

Here are four more naked blocks ready for stitching.
Faye C

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where are all the Blocks for Round Two???

Where are your Blocks, girls???
Don't forget, we like to see the Naked Block first, before you start stitching... So what about it, surely I can't be the only one with her block together. It's usually me that everyone is waiting on to finish...

Round Two of the Cyber DYOB

Last to Finish last time ~ Now First Up this time...

Here's a pic of my Naked Block for Swapping, so different from my last one...

I'm so glad I have another week to finish my stitch for this week. Aren't I lucky, our "Stitch Caller" (me) has given us an extra week before the next stitch is put out.
Happy Stitching ~

Friday, July 3, 2009

First Stitch

Hello to everyone, who is planning to do the next DYOB...
We are about to get started, and today is the first stitch to get started on.
This time I thought we might do it as a 'Basic Stitch' with a difference... eg: Buttonhole Stitch but it is to be done as an Up/Down or Berwick or Slanted, Feather, Barb... etc, Oh!!! there are so many....

So I thought we could get started with the "Buttonhole Stitch"

If you check out Sharon B's site... you'll find lots of different ways to apply this stitch. So lets see a huge variety of designs in this DYOB...
I do hope you all have your Blocks ready to go... Don't forget to place a photo of your "naked" block into the photo album and onto this Blog for everyone to see the 'before' block.

Also if you're planning to participate in the swap at the end of the six weeks, you'll need two blocks ready to go...
I'll be back in two weeks with your next stitch, just in-case you're not all quite ready... LOL!!!

Do Your Block (July)

Stitch caller for this month is Faye Dianne

For this bi monthly project you can make the blocks you are keeping for yourself in whatever size you chose but the swap block must be a 20 cm (8") square block. So as to keep the chain of hearts going around the world this swap block must include a heart this can be a button, motif, appliqué or be embroidered, the choice is yours.

We suggest you make your block 5 cm (2") larger then the finished size then tack around the block at what will be the seam line so you do not embellish over it. This also allows for any distortion of the finished square.

Every week for a period of 6 weeks you will be sent instructions for a stitch, maybe 2 stitches, you may do as many or as few of the stitches as you wish, one week you may be sent one stitch with instructions to combine it with a another. Some weeks we will be doing a motif of some sort, Heart, Paisley, Flower, Celtic etc.

You can place a picture of your block on this blog and/or in the folder that will be provided in the group photo page.

To start the ball rolling get your blocks ready to start with the first stitch.

It is the "Buttonhole Stitch with a Difference".

The next stitches will be sent out on
July 11th,
July 18th,
July 25th,
August 1st,
August 8th.
Please watch out for them.
On August 1st you will need to register to be swapping. August 8th you will know who you are sending your heart block to. You will need to post your finished blocks on this blog or in the photo page by August 14th so it can be added to the cyber quilt.

Most of the stitches will be coming from "Sharon's stitch dictionary"
or check out what's on her Blog. - Sharon B's Blog

Have fun I hope many of you participate. The last one was such a success we thought we'd have another one. We may have enough blocks for a wall hanging/quilt, by the time the year is ended...