Saturday, May 2, 2009

Second stitch week.

Hi Girls
How are you all going, I haven't seen many pictures yet.

Now this weeks an easy one, so easy you may be over welmed with ideas
so not know were to start.

Chain stitch with variations, hope you have lots of seams.

Don't forget the variations at the bottom of the page. You don't have to do them all but there are some you may be able to use in a motif

* Alternating barred chain stitch,
* Barred chain stitch,
* Butterfly chain,
* Detached chain,
* Feathered chain,
* Heavy Chain stitch
* Reverse Chain stitch
* Twisted chain,
* Open chain,
* Oyster Stitch,
* Rosette Chain,
* Whipped chain
* Zig Zag chain.

Again I'm hoping you will all inspire each other so please get those
pictures up on the group photos file or this blog.


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